Shoesday Tuesday 2016So, apparently I have become a cougar and I didn’t even know it.  I appeared to have happened slowly over a number of years.  Leopard and snake print shoes, belts, scarves but thank goodness no bags or purses.  Or maybe there is and I have just not found them yet.  That is actually a very strong possibility. Who doesn’t love a little bit of animal print?  Hmm, what do we have here?  Via SpigaNine WestMichael Kors and “The Artists Selection” Franco Sarto – my little friend. 

Via Spiga… purchased about seven years ago, hardly worn but I like them as they have the cutest little heel.  They are just a little too low heeled for me.  I feel very short and need some sort of height advantage. I will keep them though.

Nine West… purchased about four years ago and worn once – they are too big.  I do like them but even with tissue stuffed into the toe, heal grips and insoles, they still didn’t work so have remained lonely, but not alone, on my shelf.  I need to donate.

My Michael Kors… worn the hell out of them.  They are fabulous but now a little bit shabby, but I can’t give them up… they can stay for a while.

Finally, Mr. Sarto.  Kind of my favorites these days and I am wearing them today.  LOVE.  Keepers.

 I obviously like cougar-friendly shoes but given my age of 40-something, I think I can get away with it.