A trip back to my new favorite wine shop, Social Wines introduced me to another fabulous wine that is now added to my must have list.  In fact, I have already gone back to buy another bottle and will likely be back for more soon. I have to go back anyway to buy more of the outstanding Anomaly wine I purchased a while ago and was raving about.

I had never heard of Papa Godello wine before so had to do a little googling about the winery and the grape.  The Castelo do Papa Godello 2010 hails from the Ladera Sagrada winery in Spain which was founded in 1920.  The Godello grape is a white variety mostly grown in Northern Spain and is fast becoming very popular with Spanish winemakers, and I can see why.

On the nose, this white is particularly spicy with sharp citrus and mineral overtones.  First taste brings a surprising fullness.  I did expect it to be more sharp and citrus than smooth and creamy with refreshing tastes of melon, green apple and nectarine; very fruit forward and very desirable.  After a few sips, you notice a distinct cleanness to this wonderful white wine.  The finish is long and wanton.  We were probably very lucky we only had one bottle.

I enjoyed this wine with my friend one evening and paired it with nothing except a movie, however I can imagine this wine being a delicious companion to mild white fish such as cod or flounder.

Social Wines add all of the wines you purchase to their database so if you ever want to remember a wine you had previously purchased, all you have to do ask.

My rating…