Shoesday Tuesday 2016I feel the end of summer is upon us and with that thought in mind I wanted to get my some more use out of some open-toed shoes.  These are a pair of my favorites, which I do actually get some decent wear out of.

I bought them about three years ago on Zappos.  I bought four pairs and promised myself I would return three pairs.  What do you think I did?  Well, I am sure you know me by now and you know very well that I kept all four pairs.  I am so bad, I really am.  I do have a very silly amount of black patent shoes.

I like Anne Klein shoes as they all seem to serve me quite well and are always reasonably priced.  I can rarely get size fives in stores, but usually get lucky online and these little black patent sandals have done me incredibly well for both work and play.  Perfect height and a nice little platform so they don’t hurt with being so high.  I really do like these shoes.  Sadly, they are getting a little worn, which is making feel blue as I can’t seem to find the perfect replacements.
I recently looked online at Anne Klein and even they are giving up on the size five – so sad.  I did take them to Rinaldi’s, my favorite cobbler in the Park Plaza building and he did a superb job of giving them a bit of a fix up.  Maybe they will last a bit longer or perhaps I should get online again and look for a new pair

Wait! I shouldn’t buying anymore shoes.  I am out of my mind.