Shoesday Tuesday 2016Well Hello there Mr. Haan, long time no see.  Yes, I forgot about another pair of purchased shoes.  So bad, I know.

I do remember these though and I specifically remember buying them at the Cole Haan outlet in Wrentham.

It was a glorious fall day three years ago, the most perfect day for shopping.  I remembered it even more clearly because I managed to spend a staggering amount of money.  I do love the outlets.

I popped into Cole Haan to look at purses and came across these lovely little grey peep toe sling backs in my size and even better, at a hugely discounted price.  I walked up and down the store trying them out and lost all my friends.  I am sure they were bored with the size five hunt and focused on more important things… to them, which are obviously not shoes for the tiny.

I desperately, yes desperately needed a replacement pair of grey shoes, as my favorite old grey suede ones were on their last legs.  These seemed to be the perfect replacement.  Sadly, I wore them once and promptly forgot about them.  Why?  The crazy part of this is that I am still wearing my old, smelly grey suede shoes, which I absolutely love.

I look at these and wonder why they didn’t truly replace them.  Perhaps as the fall hits and before its boot weather, its time.

 These are really nice.  They are keepers!!