Shoesday Tuesday 2016I have been on and off vacation mode for a few weeks and now need to come down to reality on many things… more work and sleep and less shopping, eating and drinking wine.  Isn’t it amazing how you sometimes need a break after a break?

Today is a catch-up day for a few things.  Some work and some errands.  I need to stock up my fridge with some seriously healthy groceries and I felt some seriously cute flats were in order for today’s Shoesday Tuesday.

I bought these shoes about two and a half years ago in New York.  I even remember the exact time.  It was a pre-wedding weekend for my friend, Lauren and also the opening of Sex and the City 2.  It is so weird I remember that.  I actually remember it more because I secretly went to see the movie the day before in Boston and didn’t want to admit it to my friends.

Anyway, the shoes.  I don’t normally buy flats being so short, however, I do like them, so every now and then, I buy a pair and covet them more than wear them.  I spent lots of time in Tory Birch and tried on a ton of pairs until I settled on these little silver flats.

I would never wear flats to work as I feel a little height makes me seem more professional.   Can a five foot woman be taken seriously in business?  Perhaps, but I have always feel better in heels.  I take myself more seriously so assume that is how others will view me.


Today, however, calls for comfort and very little seriousness and these are comfy until my feet ache for being so flat.  I am so much better in heels.

These are keepers.