A while ago I was asked by the wonderful folks of ThirstyGirl.com if I wanted to do a virtual wine tasting of Chocolate Shop Wine.  I had so much fun doing this with my friend Stacey that when they asked me again, I felt I just could not say no.

The wine this time was a tasting of two wines, a Merlot and a Cabernet Sauvignon from Black Box Wine.  Black Box Wine decided to “lose the bottle” in 2003 to go for a more user-friendly way to enjoy wines.  Black Box Wines has won 28 gold medals in wine competitions.

I didn’t even think for a minute that this was actually boxed wine so when the complimentary wines arrived I could not stop laughing.  The reason for my laughter was that they looked like a coconut water juice box.  These small boxes carry a surprising three full wine glasses each.  They look so small.

I invited three of my friends, Stacey, Kerry and Laurie over to do this tasting.  I must say I am still a little embarrassed about drinking wine from a box.  I am not a total wine snob but boxed wine reminds me of my parents thinking it was classy back in the 1980s where a box of wine would sit on the kitchen counter for months and offered to any wine drinker who may stop by.  I think there is still some stigma to opening a box filled with wine; however my views have now changed (a little.)  I would probably decant first before anyone sees it.

With a healthy pour of wine each from this tiny box, I opened my computer and was ready to join the #TGTaste on Twitter.  This is a fast and furious cross country virtual wine tasting, hosted by ThirstyGirl where everyone is typing their comments as they do the tasting.  As my friends were shouting out their thoughts, I was frantically typing and having a lot of fun doing so. 

Kerry and Stacey – don’t you love Kerry’s waiter napkin!


Our first tasting was the Black Box Merlot 2009.  We all agreed that the Merlot is spicy and sharp on the nose with aromas of over-ripe cherries.  It is super sweet and syrupy on the palate, almost like a port.  I can imagine this being a good after-dinner drink or dessert wine due to the sweetness. 

Next up was the Black Box Cabernet Sauvignon 2010.   This wine surprised all of us.  Rich and chocolately on this nose with a burst of blackberries and a sweetness of currants on the palate.  Easy and very drinkable with a smokiness that worked well with the smooth creamy vanilla and dark chocolate tastes.  The surprise for me was that this is absolutely a wine I would buy. 

A decent glass each from one small box


Black Box Wines are absolutely perfect for a picnic when you don’t want to carry a cork screw around or even an actual bottle. They do a number of other wines such as Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc.  Easily resealable with a plastic screw cap and even easier to carry around.  The larger 500ml box holds four bottles!=

What a fun night of Boxed Wine tasting
Kerry, Laurie, Me and Stacey – Cheers!


Again, this was so much fun as I am definitely trying wines I would not have ever considered tasting.   And an even better time doing this with friends!