Shoesday Tuesday 2016Last week I was on vacation so my Shoesday Tuesday was all about flip flops in Newport.  I counted how many pairs of flip flops I own and was very surprised at a count of 23 pairs.  Why on earth do I have 23 pairs of flip flops?  That is just ridiculous.  I decided to sort them out and give 6 pairs to my friend’s 11 year old daughter who was visiting me and just happens to be the same size.  I threw 4 pairs away and now I feel I have a more manageable amount of 13.  Not so bad right?

Today I have a special treat for myself.  Last night I opened a blue Stuart Weitzman box from a very high up shelf in my closet that I can only get to with a step ladder and lo and behold a gorgeous pair of black satin sling backs.

 I remember buying these shoes about three or four years ago in Las Vegas at a designer shoe outlet store we spent about four hours in scouring for fabulous finds.  I walked out with two pairs of Stuart Weitzman’s and a pair of Manolo Blaniks at a bargain price.  The problem is I have only worn these once for my friend’s wedding, the other pair never and the Manolo’s are missing.  I am sure I will find them on this Shoesday Tuesday journey… hopefully.

I have dinner plans for my friend’s birthday tonight so I felt these little sweethearts needed to be worn again along with my black and tan new work dress.  They are so delicate and pretty and I love the big crystal flower at the toe in the same color.  They are a little high so I have one of my 13 pairs of flip flops in my bag as a back-up.  I am sure they are going to hurt at some point. I am excited about this particular find and will definitely make sure I wear them going forward.  They are just gorgeous and definitely keepers.

I say go dig deep into your closet and see what surprises you can find.  I am sure there are one or two hidden pairs.  If one is ridiculous and you ask yourself “what was I thinking?” wear them anyway.  They may make you smile.  If number two is fabulous, then you have just found an old-new pair of shoes like I did with these.

Shoesday Tuesday is so fun, you should join in and share your stories!