I have a bit of a biased opinion when it comes to Bistro du Midi.  Not just because it happens to be in my building and I stop by often for a glass of wine after work, but more because they have never let me down with regards to finer dining or casual dining or anything for that matter.  I have done a number of events there and all have been hugely successful. 

Being a food blogger, you sometimes don’t want to write about a favorite place in case it is not as good as you have raved about, and of course I always want to be totally honest in my reviews and opinions.  This did happen to me recently with another favorite restaurant that had the most appalling service during brunch that it was hard for me to comprehend how one of my favorite places could be so awful.  I didn’t write about it, I just could not bring myself to.  Bistro du Midi, thank goodness was a fun and delicious experience – phew. 

We decided to dine downstairs for a more casual café feel.  The first floor is simply decorated with dark wood café chairs and a white tiled floor with an open kitchen.  The overall feel is a little Parisian but with space.  There is a beautiful curved bar facing tall liquor filled shelves and housing smart vested bar staff.  They also have a pretty patio that looks right onto the Boston Gardens and a place you can watch the world pass by. 

Saturday was a gorgeous evening for a girls dinner, a little cooler than of late so it was perfect to have the floor to ceiling patio doors open.  We were seated just inside the restaurant and welcomed the warm breeze while we dined. 

The second floor dining is a tad more elegant without being pretentious.  They have huge windows, which overlook the Boston Gardens and the streets beyond.  I love dining upstairs when it is an evening for a treat.  I have also dined upstairs many times during Restaurant Week.  They do one of the best restaurant week menus I have encountered. 

The great thing about dining downstairs is that you get the option of both the dining menu and the café menu.  Perfect if you want to mix and match, which we did. 

I have tried quite a lot of items on the café menu and knew immediately one of the things we should share were the Fried Artichokes.  Crispy, perfectly fried little artichokes dipped into the most delicious aioli. 

Fried Artichokes, Aïoli – $7

We also ordered the Olive & Eggplant Dip. The tiny, crunchy bites of crostini slathered with green olive tapenade were fantastically sharp and wonderful.  I did like the olive and eggplant dip but I was all about the green olive.  Simply scrumptious.

Olive & Eggplant Dip, Green Olive Tapenade, Crostini – $9


We were all over the place on what we decided for our entrees.  I always do the duck at Bistro so made a conscious decision to do something completely different and with that, I picked the Garganelli Pasta, Duck & Pork Bolognese.  Yes, I know not completely different.  Apple did come with this dish but I asked for it to be removed.  I am little funny about fruit in my savory food.  Just a weird thing I have going on.  Perfectly cooked pasta tubes mixed through with a strong flavor of ground duck and pork Bolognese which was amazing.  The feta gave it a wonderful creaminess with a sharp bite.  The bowl looked really small but after a super effort on my part to try and finish it, I couldn’t even come close.  Plenty left over for me to take home.

Garganelli Pasta, Duck & Pork Bolognese, Apples, French Feta – $23

Erika opted for mix of the Marinated Beet Salad and the Steamed Mussels.  Erika commented that the “beet salad was delish, the goat cheese wasn’t over powering and there was a certain something that escapes me that gave it an added something.  The mussels were not gritty and the broth wasn’t overpowering so you could enjoy the actual taste of the seafood.”

Marinated Beet Salad, Vermont Goats Cheese, Aged Lemon Vinaigrette – $12


I did actually taste these wonderful, plump mussels, which arrived in a big bowl followed by the waiter pouring the broth over the mussels with the most mouthwatering aroma.  The broth was light but creamy and fantastic for mopping up with bread. 

Steamed Mussels Marinière au Pastis -$13


Nancy decided on the Grass-Fed Black Angus Burger.  Nancy states that she  “gives high marks to my juicy burger topped with brie.  An unusual type of cheese for a burger, but very good.  The fries were excellent as well.  Crispy and perfectly seasoned.”   

Grass-Fed Black Angus Burger, French Fries with Espelette – $15


Early in the evening we were asked if we wanted the Soufflé.  A choice of either chocolate or Grand Marnier.  We hadn’t even started on our entréesbefore we said “of course we do, chocolate please!”

I broke into the center of the chocolate delight while Nancy poured crème anglaise in and all our eyes widened in anticipation.  This delicate, heady dessert is totally worth waiting for.  You don’t need to be hungry to have a taste of the Soufflé; it truly is gooeyness at its best.  Three clanking spoons later it was gone!

Chocolate Soufflé – $10



Our evening was easy and fun and of course food, as always was excellent. The service was good and attentive when we asked.  A little more attention to things like water refills and making sure drinks were finished before being taken away would have put the “excellent” touch to our evening.   

Overall, Bistro du Midi stays on my Top 10 list.  Great for power business dining on the second floor, or a romantic date and of course not forgetting Restaurant Week.  Perfect for drinks after work on the first floor and more casual dining with friends or even a nice first date sitting on the patio people watching and looking at the pretty Boston Gardens.  Also the entertainment on Saturday (groping of the Channel Five traffic girl) really can’t be beat!

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