Shoesday Tuesday 2016We have all seen those people where we ask the question… “Where are your friends? Why on earth did they not tell you that you look ridiculous?”

There have been many many clothing and shoe items I have purchased in my lifetime where I have thought (after the fact) “what was I thinking?”  I mean really “what?”  Did I really like the item in question?  Did I think swamp green would look good on me with my pale complexion, or pleated front pants when I have a round tummy, or MC Hammer Pants because I thought I would look casual and comfy and not like I had just pooped my pants?   Where are my friends when I have these little shopping faux pas?  Why do we sometimes have a mental blockage and think something that quite obviously has no right sitting in our closets ends up there because we impulse buy or we just buy because we truly think it looks good?

 Shoes are one area where I mess up… a lot.  More so on the size side as I will buy a size six if I really like them and then of course with tissue stuffed into the toe, heal grips and two insoles later I might be able to wear them once and that is it.  Well, these Shoesday shoes are the first of probably many that will fall into the category of why in general.  They are indeed a size five so I got that right.

I honestly, for the life of me cannot remember where or why I bought these particular Michael Shoes – that is the maker, it states it right there on the shoe bag.  Don’t you just love shoe bags.  I obviously purchased them at a bargain price because they started out at $100(ish) and I bought them with a purple sticker at $39 – fantastic right? Apparently not because I have seen the little Michael box sitting in my closet for more than a year… at least.


While they are not truly horrible, they are not me at all and certainly not comfy.  They are like wearing reinforced steel with barbed wire around the ankles.  Perhaps I just really wanted silver shoes?  I already own two other pairs, maybe I needed another pair for something?  I have obviously never worn them as they look brand spanking new.  I feel I just cannot wear them today, instead they are going into the donate pile.  Is that cheating on my little project?   Maybe it is?  Okay, I will wear them in my house for a little bit first so then I can say I have worn them.

I am sure there is someone out there who really really wants a pair of four inch silver stilettos in a size five.  Any takers?