Now, these Franco Sarto shoes I love and have had a lot of use out of them.  I am not sure if it is the leopard print or the mary jane look with big strap, but I just feel fun when I wear them, even more so when I match them with a leopard print skinny belt. I did also notice about four other pairs of similar looking shoes in my closet.  I suppose it’s the cougar in me ;).  To add to that, I get lots of compliments from people I know and even strangers at Starbucks about these fun shoes.

I was in Chicagoa few years ago for a workshop and was staying at a Kimpton Hotel.  A friend told me there was a Nordstrom Rack in the same building.  Surprisingly, I had never been to a Rack before, however I knew from friends that they were known to hold smaller sizes.  I arrived at the hotel, checked in and immediately asked where the store was.  I asked the hotel reception to watch my bag and before even going to my room, I ran out one door and into the door next door to the Rack.

Within an hour, I had six pairs of size five shoes in my arms and a smile as big as the Cheshire Cat.  This particularly lovely shoe was missing its other half and I was feeling a little desperate searching around trying to find it.  Well, wouldn’t you know they have a little room with a sign above it called “Shoe Buddy.”  I have never come across such a thing.  I walked up to the counter, handed over my one single sad leopard print shoe and was presented back with its buddy.  What a fantastic concept… ‘The Shoe Buddy!”
I did end up buying all six pairs.  Could I have been happier.  I think not.

Also, who doesn’t love Franco Sarto prices.  You just cant go wrong.

These shoes I am going to keep.