I was first introduced to Sterling wines on a trip to Napa a few years ago.  Everyone there was so warm and happy it was hard to not like them and hope that you also like their wines also.  I loved their wines.  

If you are going to Napa it is really worth the trip.  They have a white gorgeous house which you get to by an aerial tram ride into the mountains.  I liked the fact that you are free to take your time on the tour as it is self-guided.  It is quite a unique experience.

For a crisp fresh lovely summer wine, I go back to Sterling’s Sauvignon Blanc over and over again, especially when I have friends over.  It truly is a crowd pleasing white.  This particular wine is the 2010 vintage, which I shared with a friend a few nights ago and before we knew it, we had finished the bottle.  

Clear in color with sparkles of gold.  The immediate aroma is mothy and pungent.  However, the initial taste on the palate is quite brilliant and sharply zesty with hints of apricot and pear.  It continues to be very sharp on the palate with citrus bursts and is surprising lovely continuing with flavors of cantaloupe, and honeydew melon.  The finish is sharp and immediate beckoning you to drink more, which of course we did.

My rating…