Over the years, I have dropped by RumBa at the InterContinental for a drink, usually on my way to somewhere else.  Better known for its rum and champagne, which is the focus of the place, I tended not to take that route and opted for a glass of wine, or two.  I feel that the place could do with a bit of face lift as it looks somewhat staid and old but perhaps that is the lure?

That is the inside bar.  The outside RumBa is a different beast altogether.  Located right on the water with high top tables and chairs and low comfy seating that surround a large tropical looking round bar.  Last Saturday RumBa was absolutely the place to be.

We put our name in for a table and went to the bar for a fun cocktail.  We did wait a little too long as the staff seemed to be on a bit of go slow.  It all seemed quite strange as they looked like they were working in slow motion and not really paying attention to the customer.  We did finally get service from a suited manager.  After ordering two Blueberry Lemonades with Triple Eight Blueberry Vodka, Muddled Blueberries, Fresh Lemonade and a Margarita, we calmed down and started to enjoy the evening.  The Blueberry Lemonade was fresh and dangerously good as it tasted more like a refreshing summer non-alcoholic drink than a heavy vodka cocktail.

The hostess came over to us after about 30 minutes to let us know a table was ready for us.  Seated at a high top table close to the bar, we had the perfect spot for people watching. 

We could not have asked for a better evening for outside dining.  A warm breeze came off the water, piped Jamaican music played softly in the background and everyone was smiling like they were on vacation.  I have to say being at the outside RumBa can mess with your head a little as you do feel like you are at a tropical location and the next day will be a relaxing beach day and not a day grocery shopping and laundry as it was for me. 

Our extremely smiley and friendly waitress came over to introduce herself and ask if we wanted more drinks.  Of course we did.  Erika stuck to the fabulous Blueberry Lemonade while myself and Nancy changed to Pinot Grigio.  I have to say they do a very generous pour of wine.

The food menu is limited, which I always like as you dont have to ponder over too many choices.  Offers of oysters, shrimp and crab cakes along with sliders and flatbreads.  We decided on a few things to share.  First on order was the St. Tropez Crispy Calamari.  Crisp and fresh tasting with a lovely citrus tang, perhaps just a little too salty, however still tasty.

Next on our order was the  Duck and Goat Cheese Flatbread.  A nice combination of creamy goat cheese and candy sweet figs with an abundance of bitter arugula.  Unfortunately, as much as we looked, there didn’t seem to be any duck on the flatbread.  Again, as with the calamari, it was still quite good.

Our final dish was the Barbados Fish Tacos.  While the fish was tasty enough the whole taco was just to dry to digest.  I think it would be better served in hard shell tacos, which is apparently how they used to serve it.  Or, perhaps more wet ingredients to offset the dryness of the tortilla. 

Although the food was not as great as we would have liked, the evening could not be spoiled because of how perfect the night was.  We decided to stay out, people watch and enjoy more drinks.

RumBa draws an interesting crowd from the hotel tourists to the Boston elite to the 20s crowd looking for fun.  We had such a blast and I would definitely go back for drinks and perhaps to try other items on the menu.  

RumBa (outside) is the perfect place to stop by on the way to dinner or after dinner for a waterfront cocktail.  It will most definitely put a smile on your face.

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