Shoesday Tuesday 2016Last night as the thunder and lightening shook and lit up my whole apartment, I needed to keep my mind busy.  Its not that I dont like it, I actually do, but when it is that loud and bright, it can be just that little bit scary. I decided to think about what to wear to work.  Of course, shoes were on my mind given the challenge put forth by a colleague to wear every pair of shoes in my closets. 

I thought black dress was simple enough given I had no idea what the weather would be like and added to that I was meeting friends for dinner.  Anything goes with black and it is very easy.

I searched high above my shelves and low down on the racks as well as the pile of shoes I have under my bed.  I found these little black and white satin Joey O’s in a random shoe box that had nothing to do with the shoes.  I do remember buying them and I believe it was actually at Marshall’s or DSW.  If memory serves me, my friend Lauren was looking in there at lunch time and noticed a pair of size fives.  She immediately called me and I immediately ran out of my office and made the purchase.  That was about six years ago.  I have worn them multiple times but had forgotten about them for the last few years. 


Well, today is the day to wear them again.  They do pinch a little bit (maybe a lot) but they are adorable.  I am wearing my black dress and layers of fun pearls.  I feel very vintage and a bit Jackie O in my Joey O’s.  Perhaps I will wear them  again once my new blisters heals a little.