I felt like I was hundreds of miles away in a far off land of gorgeous beaches, beautiful sunshine, lovely friends, getting up late, drinking cocktails on a sun deck and a sense of being so relaxed that Boston, my job and any stress was a distant memory.  Where was I?  Simple… I was on  Martha’s Vineyard.  Who knew happiness was so close?

I have so much to share about my first trip to the Vineyard but let me start with a restaurant review of Atlantic Fish & Chop House located in the heart of Edgartown overlooking the harbor with spectacular boats and good looking people for your viewing pleasure.  Or is it that people just seem better looking when they are happy and smiling?

Atlantic is a stunning, huge white summer house that is reminiscent of an elegant steamship inside with beautiful dark wood and crisp white tablecloths.  We arrived for lunch and asked for outside seating.   Luckily they could accommodate us but I would highly recommend making reservations.  

Outside is definitely less formal looking and more relaxed with long low couches and pretty garden furniture.  It was 1pm and we were on vacation, wine was absolutely in order.  I always feel such a guilty pleasure when I drink in the afternoon, but I love it. 

The menu is classic seafood and steak and something for everyone’s palate from salads to burgers to large entrees.  We noticed a huge mortar bowl of guacamole drift passed to another table and without even opening the menus we knew we wanted to at least start with it.   We were right to do so.  This is a guacamole extraordinaire.  Piled ridiculously high with just ripened, nicely spiced avocadoes, mixed through with flaky sweet crab and resting on a salad.  The chips are salted to perfection and more than morish.  We greedily eat the whole bowl.

I was all about eating a little healthier after my over-indulgence of guacamole so decided on the Shrimp and Tuna Salad.  As far as salads go, this could not have been fresher, crisper and tastier and drizzled with the just the right amount of citrus dressing that tanged the shrimp just right… scrumptious. 

My dining companions ordered different dishes and everyone was happy with their choices.  Lots of mmmm’s around the table.  I may have to try the Lobster Roll next.

After a healthy salad what could be better than dessert and even better Shakes and Cookies.  Served in old fashioned school milk bottles, the shakes could have been a little colder and with more strawberry and vanilla flavor.  The chocolate chip cookies absolutely made up for it… soft, sweet and just plain good.

The weather was our friend, the company was of course fabulous, the restaurant and the service made for a perfect, sun-filled, long and leisurely lunch (with wine).  Could anything be better?  

Well, I believe Atlantic is quite the restaurant in the evenings with even more good looking people, live music and a fun vibe.  There is just nothing else I can do except go back and soon to MV!