This is a fun Shoesday Tuesday.  As I don’t have to be in the office today, I took a look through my shoe collection and stopped at a pair of Burberry espadrilles to wear to my dermatology appointment.  I feel my doctor will like them :).

Shoesday Tuesday 2016 
I purchased these cuties on Zappos (less expensive than Burberry I might add) when I was looking for some new black wedges.  I ended up not finding any all black wedges I wanted, well not in a size 5, but I did buy these Burberry’s, a pair of Red Ann Klein wedges and a pair of tan Charles David wedges.  In my defence they were in my size and it is so difficult to find shoes in my size.  I promised myself that I would return at last one pair once I tried them on.  That was last summer… woops.  I have a problem.
They are really adorable on and I am sure I will wear them a lot this summer.  I am absolutely sure of it as they don’t hurt, well, just a little bit, but not a lot.  Really.