For this Shoesday Tuesday, I am bringing out the Big Guns.  It’s quite crazy how much I paid for these shoes.  They are indeed the most expensive pair of shoes I have ever bought in my life and honestly, I would probably do it again – how sad is that?  If I love them I tend to want them, which means I will find a way to buy them.

Case in point, these fantastic Christian Louboutins which I treated myself to after a rough work year in 2010.  I thought that regardless of whether I got a raise or bonus I was still going to make myself happy by buying a pair of shoes I had been coveting for months.  I went to Saks with my friend Kady and bought them just before Christmas.  I then needed a drink to calm myself down.

Well, they are gorgeous and I love looking at them and I can even stand up and sit down in them.  It is the walking that is the problem.  They are not the most comfortable shoes I have purchased.  I just would not admit it but I now have to as I try them on this morning and realize, yet again, how much they actually hurt.  However, and this is a very good reason for choosing these shoes on this Shoesday Tuesday… I am working from home today so my shoes will be for my dinner plans tonight.  Is that cheating? 


Still, for today (tonight) on this second Shoesday Tuesday they are the shoes of the moment and I will rejoice in actually wearing them and then perhaps I should donate them.  Thoughts?