I wish I could tell you where this wine came from but I have absolutely honestly no idea?  It was on my wine shelf just waiting there (not so all alone).  Perhaps someone bought it for me?  If one of my friends did and they read this, please name yourself immediately.  You need to be thanked!  If, on the very very likely chance I bought it myself and forgot, I did an excellent job!  If it was my Wine Fairy Godmother, then you make all my wishes come true!  I have very simple wishes in life… Wine and Shoes!

The Birillo is a wonderful Bordeaux-blend of 60% Cabernet Sauvignon and 40% Merlot and they work together blissfully.  A rustic red color with spicy and earthy aromas combing sweet ripe cherries and smoky wood.  Deliciously sweet and sour with a nice balance and moderate to full-bodied.  Notes of smoky wood, cherries and spices.  Incredibly smooth on the palate with a nice spicy finish.  This is a good red that needs to be savored, shared and thoroughly enjoyed.  I didn’t share this one but I will next time… promise.

My rating…