Martin-Codax-AlbarinoAfter another failed attempt at trying to make Macarons, actually, let me be very honest here, I had one failed attempt trying them on my own and then my friend Stacey and I had an additional failed attempt that very same day.  Who can say why?  Why oh why can’t I make Macarons?  I have not only tried to make them about seven times now, I have tried four different recipes and even one that says “Fool Proof.”   Well, I do not consider myself a fool but Macarons are most definitely making a fool of me.  Anyway, after another two failures I turned to one of my favorite things in the world… wine of course.  Wine doesn’t judge me like a Macaron.  Those little French cookies are so mocking!

So, the other night I was at Salsa’s Mexican with my friend Kathleen where we enjoyed a bottle of Albariño wine.  I immediately went to my local store to see what they had for Albariño and found one I had not tried before so I thought why not give it a whirl.  I am so very glad I did and now I have another wine to add my favorites list and to take my mind off Macarons.

The Martín Códax Albariño is a screw top wine, which I originally thought was a cork and nearly used a cork screw on it – woops.  Luckily I realized before it was too late and I made a silly little hole in the top!  The wine is a very pale gold color that sparkles a little in the light.  On the nose it is sharp and clean with strong aromas of citrus and hints of fresh cut grass.  At first taste it has a fantastic abundance of flavors from green grapes, granny smith apples, tropical fruits and cantaloupe.  It effervesces a little on the tongue and ends with a fresh tingly finish, which I liked a lot.  I do like clean fresh wines and this one is exactly that.  A wonderful scrumptiously fun summer wine that pairs perfectly with spicy Mexican food.

This is a super fun wine to bring to a summer garden party.

My rating…