I love them because they taste so good.  I hate them because I cannot get them right.  Yes yes, I know I missed out a significantly vital ingredient the last time, but I have now tried to make them three more times and I am having a meltdown. I want to make the perfect Macaron! 

The ones I made Chef Gomes

What on earth am I doing wrong?  I WILL NOT LET A FRENCH MACARON DEFEAT ME!!!  I am British for goodness sake.  I am not sure what that last part has to do with it?  Ahh perhaps it is a French/British thing I have going on that I am not fully aware of?  I love French Macarons, French Accents and French Men, I am just not sure they like me.  I must make them like me!

This time I did not miss out any ingredient Everything was to the letter of the recipe.  The consistency looked good at the start but perhaps a little runny when I was putting them onto the cooking sheet.  I even put a little strawberry gel coloring in them to give a pinker color and look cute – they didn’t.  I left them out for nearly an hour so that they set better but still no “feet”, none, where are the feet?  Why cant I get them right?

Next time, oh and mark my words there will be a next time, I will follow a recipe from this book…  Macarons: Authentic French Cookie Recipes from the Macaron Cafe, which I have just ordered from Amazon.com.

The ones I made this time were actually very good.  I used a cream cheese filling that was delicious with the sweetness of the cookie.  They just did not look as good the ones you buy.  Not even close.

Click to see this French Macaron Recipe.

There will be an Experiment in French Macarons Take III.