cono_surAlways on the hunt for inexpensive, easy and very drinkable wines, I came across the Cono Sur Cabernet Sauvignon 2010, which proved to be all three!  I was looking forward to trying it as I have tried a number of the Cono Sur wines and have always been pleased with the taste and of course the price – especially for their “Bicycle” selection. 

“The Bicycle range carries the bicycle as its main icon; it symbolizes Cono Sur’s spirit of innovation, passion, commitment and respect for the environment, as well as its persistence in always finding the latest techniques in the vineyards and winemaking, in order to take care of the land where the grapes grow.”

Chestnut red in color and not as deep as most cabs.  A sharp peppery spice on the nose with robust aromas of ripe cherries and a petite hint of vanilla – with a such a big aroma I was wondering what it would be like to taste.   A swift kick of pepper on the palate with a slightly sweet then sour taste – not unpleasant just a little surprising and intriguing.  The second sip brings mild berry tastes of cherry, blackberry and raspberry.  A lighter wine than the aroma suggests with a nice sweetish finish that stays with you for a moment.  Bring on the next sip – I like it – easy and drinkable – very drinkable!

If you like younger, sweeter cabs this is a great choice and was a perfect pairing for me with turkey lasagna.

“Cono Sur Vineyards & Winery was founded in 1993, with the vision of producing premium, expressive and innovative wines conveying the spirit of the New World. Our name refers to the company’s geographic position; it represents wines proudly made in South America’s Southern Cone, on whose western edge lies Chile and its gifted wine valleys. Our logo is a freehand drawing of the silhouette of South America.  Right from the start Cono Sur applied new ideas and technology to winemaking traditional methods. Our main goal, therefore, is to create expressive and innovative wines from the world’s southernmost land.”

My rating…