I was so excited about going to Cuchi Cuchi.  I had never been before and have heard nothing but good things – especially about the cocktails.  My dining companions were as surprised by my comment as I was.  A place I had not been to – what a nice change!  It was about time I found out what all the hype was about for myself.

After our utter confusion of Central Square and trying to find Cuchi Cuchi on Main Street we finally arrived and couldnt help but grin as the doors opened.  Cuchi Cuchi is like walking into a 1940s Bordello with flea market décor.  The place can put a secret smile to anyone’s face as they look around at the ornate lamps, vintage clothing on the walls and waitstaff smiling and ready to serve dressed in burlesque-style outfits.  Everything about Cuchi Cuchi screams innocent naughty fun.  I have to say even our conversation seemed to be seduced into sauciness by the décor.

Boasting an eclectic and fun selection of cocktails from “Cuchi Cocktails” – muddled with fresh fruits and herbs and offering drink names like “SoMuchToDrinkSoLittleTime” and  “TickleYourBrain” and amazing looking “Vintage Cocktails” such as “Satan’s Whiskers” and  “Pisco Sour.”  Sadly, I didn’t do the list justice but did enjoy and unbelievably delicious dark Espresso Martini.  It was only a Wednesday after all.  Next time I will go on a weekend and sample away!

The menu offers small plates to share.  On the top of their menu their quote is “Our small, “straight up” International dishes are meant to be paired and shared.  Please don’t call them “tapas” which are from Spain… we globe trot” and they do this in fun and tasty style!

Most of my friends had dined there before so already had some favorite dishes they wanted to order.  First up was the Savory Cornets with Tuna Tartare & Avocado Mousse.  Besides looking so damn cute when they arrived, they were absolutely delicious!  Savory crunchy cornets filled with creamy avocado and fresh chopped light tuna. 

Between the five us we ordered a number of exciting looking dishes. Next was the Fried Artichoke Hearts.  Super bites of artichoke with a creamy taste of gorgonzola.  Probably one of my favorite dishes of the night.


Plump and juicy Scallops Provençale resting on a bed mealy mushroom stuffing.  The stuffing was so good on its own!

Seriously sizzling and seriously garlicky Sizzling Garlic Shrimp.  Probably my least favorite but only because I am not a heavy garlic fan and boy were these heavy on the garlic.  My friends loved them as was noticed by the extra order submitted.

The Potato Croquettes are crunchy on the outside with cheesy fried potato inside.  Rolled in the tomato sauce made these even better.

Now the Mushroom Risotto was just simply good.  Creamy rice with an earthy taste of salty mushrooms.

My dining friends also ordered the Cuban Cigar, which they said, was fantastic.

Not much room for dessert but that was not going to stop us ordering.  Between five of us we decided on Chocolate Cake, Tirami-su and French Banana Bread Extravaganza.  My focus was all on the Chocolate Cake with the golden little globe filled with white chocolate, which after the first bite was the only thing worthy of my attention.  Sweet cherry infused dark chocolate so dense and crazy good I practically had to tell my friends to physically pry it from my hands.

The winner of the night for my friends was the French Banana Bread.

Whether going to Cuchi Cuchi for an evening of outrageously fun cocktails or incredible food to share it can put a smile on anyone’s face.  If you are celebrating a birthday they will even come out and sing happy birthday with embarrassing gusto!

Absolutely without question a place I am returning to!
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