HomeMovieI needed a lay low weekend after a long and tiring work week.  For me that meant movies for my enjoyment, cheese & crackers for my dinner and wine for my sanity.  Perfect.

I first watched A Single Man with Colin Firth and was so heartbroken by the end of the movie I needed something light and fun to watch after it.  I decided on Life as We Know It with Katherine Heigl.  Not as light and fun as I thought it was going to be but really quite good.  Both movies worth the rental.

A Single Man

Colin Firth plays the part of a homosexual man in the 1960s who has lost the love of his life.  Besides this movie being incredibly and beautifully stylized by first time director, Tom Ford; Colin Firth’s portrayal of someone heartbroken completely overwhelmed me that I could almost feel his heartbreak.  Of course, it is all to do with his outstanding acting skills to be able to be believable as a gay man, and as someone whose heart is so damaged life doesn’t seem worth it.

I have to also say as a Brit; Julianne Moore’s British accent was superb.  She played his best friend, and a complete lush, as well as a 1960s cougar-worthy 40-something woman.  Her depiction of a woman who was unconditionally in love with a man who was wholly unobtainable to her was excellent.

This movie is very compelling and I have to say probably not the right choice for a single girl staying in on a weekend night on her own.  I was balling my eyes out!!!  I would recommend renting and watching on Sunday afternoon!

Life As We Know It

After a car crash a young couple leave their 1-year old daughter to their best friends and the baby’s godparents.  Holly (Katherine Heigl) and Messer (Josh Duhamel) play their best friends although they are not friends with each other, having tried a blind date once many years earlier that failed miserably.

The movie goes through the tough times of not only bringing up a baby but also of their life changing completely as they know it.  Some of the scenes do pull at the heart strings and some are quite hysterical.  The way Messer holds the baby is a riot.  The friends and neighbors also make for some comical scenes – especially because everyone in the neighborhood, even the men have a huge crush on Messer.

Definitely worth a Saturday night chick flick rental!