I am not a fan of Marborough Savignon Blancs.  For some reason they all taste like metal to me.  This particular wine was brought over for a dinner by one of my friends but not drank so I thought why not try it out (alone.)  Well, why not it was already chilled and a screw top meant I could have one glass and put it back in the fridge or pour it down the sink, which is what I expected to do knowing my aversion to Sauvignon Blanc’s from this part of the world.

The Arona Sauvignon Blanc is almost water clear in color with just a slight greenish glow when in the light. Clean and sharp on the nose with aromas of pears, grapefruit and fresh herbs with a hint of basil and perhaps parsley – at least that is what I was getting.  On my first taste I got melon and a citrus tang on the palate.  The taste was as clean as the aroma but with a crispness and a finish of smooth creaminess on the tongue.   A zing of tartness stays with you sip after sip – this is an interesting and easy wine.  I think I liked this wine more than most Marlborough wines because it was less aggressive.  I would definitely buy it again for a nice every day wine.

I enjoyed this wine with the Baked Salmon & Goat Cheese dish I made last week.  It was a good pairing.

My Rating…