There are not many Saturdays I would head out without a plan or indeed a reservation. My A-type personality really doesn’t allow it.  My friend Kerry and I decided to do dinner with literally no plans of where to go.  This was going to be an adventure into an unknown Saturday night where anything could happen.  What did happen was an impromptu delight and very fun.  Our evening started at Towne where we sat at the inside bar and enjoyed an Espresso Martini for me and a Ginger Flower for Kerry.  Where shall we go for dinner we wondered?  Perhaps stay at Towne – it is always fabulous?  No, we needed somewhere different.

We made the decision to go to Deuxave.  What have I been doing this past year or so?  Not going to Deuxave that’s what!  I could kick myself, seriously.  However, I have now been and I am extremely happy to finally say it and even happier that I am ready to report back to everyone.

Chef, Chris Coombs of Dbar fame and a former celebrity Chef from the Food Network show, Chopped opened Deuxave to rave reviews in September 2010.  Deuxave, pronounced DooArve is at the corner of Mass and Commonwealth Ave – a prime location that has sadly seen many failed enterprises (not this one).Walking into the gorgeous brick brownstone restaurant we were greeted by two friendly hosts only to have to share with them we didn’t have a reservation.  There was going to be nothing in the restaurant that night but the bar area with comfy lounge high-top seating and about 15 seats around the bar offered the full menu.  We didn’t have to wait long before finding a seat right in the bay window of the cozy little bar area.

The restaurant has a warm and welcoming feel to it.  Exposed brick and grey walls are complemented by an amber glow of beautiful low lighting.  The restaurant is spacious with tables and booths of dark wood and surrounded by wine cases and shelves and an open fireplace.  It truly gives a high-end dining establishment impression, however the feel is a lot more casual, friendly and relaxing.  The price point is mid to high-end so if you are planning on dining in the restaurant for a three-course meal this is definitely a place to go to for a treat.  Think Valentine’s Day guys.  If dining in the bar, enjoy an appetizer or dessert and some wine.

The menu, French inspired, looks outrageously appealing and creative but not overwhelmed by too many options.  We needed time to peruse.  As we perused our lovely and friendly waiter talked to us about the specials while warm soft bread rolls and French butter was delivered to our table.

The wine list offers a great selection of wines, few at a lower price but most around $45-$80.  They do have some super choices by the glass.  Our evening started with a vibrant bottle of Petite Ruche, Cozes-Hermitage.

Looking at the menu, there were so many things I wanted. What to choose?  If things were good I knew I needed to go back.

Our evening started with the Sashimi & Tartar of Ahi Tuna.  Beautifully presented with both the sashimi and tartar being as light as butter and fresh in flavor.  A pleasing tang of orange added a brightness to the dish.  Things were starting out very well.

Sashimi & Tartar of Ahi Tuna
Picked Hearts of Palm, Hon-Shimeji Mushrooms,
Pousse-Pied, Blood Orange Gel, Potato Crisps ~ $16


Again, I wanted many things on the entrée menu and was torn between the Wild Mushroom Cavatelli, Giannone Farm Organic Chicken and the Spiced Long Island Duck Breast.  I opted for the Wild Mushroom Cavatelli.

My entrée arrived with a poached egg on top, which one has to break up over the dish.  The soft, but not runny yoke worked in harmony with the salty broth that had me spooning up my dish like it was my last supper.  Cavatelli is a mealy pasta made with ricotta – this was the first time I have tasted it and now love it.  The foraged mushrooms were just craziness.  I just love earthy, juicy mushrooms and these were exactly that. I made a good choice, a fantastic dish.

Wild Mushroom Cavatelli
Ricotta Cavatelli, Foraged Mushrooms, Hour Farm Egg, Roasted Uckiki Kuri Squash ~ $25


I had to call the restaurant for the description of their entrée special of the evening, which my friend ordered.  After a few minutes of being put on hold I actually think they put the chef on himself, who was only to happy to share with a foodie/blogger, which makes me like this restaurant even more.  The special for Saturday was a Hapuku and I was told the literal translation is “Big Belly Fish.”  This flaky white fish just melted against your fork and then in the mouth.  It was ridiculously good – at least from the small bite I took from Kerry’s plate.  She cleared her plate completely so I can only assume she thought the same.

Entrée Special: Hapuku (Hawaiian Sea Bass)
Persimmon puree, spiced couscous, sumac chickpeas, sautéed carrots, pickled cumquats and crushed Sicilian pistachios


Kathleen had joined us by this time so we ordered more wine and were ready for the dessert menu.  Chocolate Soufflé we all echoed in unison.   Warm, gooey, rich and perfect for sharing.  Pouring the hazelnut anglaise into the soufflé gave it a nutty sweetness, which we greedily knocked spoons trying to eat every last crumb.

Chocolate Soufflé – Meringue Cream, Confectioners’ Sugar, Hazelnut Anglaise ~ $15


I wanted my hazlenut anglaise poured directly onto my spoon –
I see nothing wrong with that at all 🙂


We were there quite late so I took a look around the now empty restaurant and snapped a few photos.  One of the waitstaff noticed this and gave me a little tour showing me the wine shelves with library ladders and the large fireplace.  Another reason to love this place – friendly and accommodating staff!

Everything about Deuxave says hospitality and caring from the creative and ingenious dishes to the service to the warm and welcoming staff.  I am sorry it took me so long to get to you Deuxave but I have now been and am excited to suggest this restaurant to my friends and of course for me to return.

Reminder:  Valentine’s Day to all you lovebirds out there!

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