I love shopping for wines at Trader Joe’s.  They have the most amazing selection of reasonably priced wines and as we who shop there know, some are as cheap as $2,99…  Charles Shaw aka Two Buck Chuck.  The nickname apparently comes from California where the wine is sold for $1.99.  I have on occasion sipped a Two Buck Chuck usually when cooking and the recipe calls for a cup of wine for the dish and perhaps a glass of wine for the cook.  It’s amazing how many recipes do that J

My friend brought over a Sancerre wine I had not tasted before from Trader Joe’s.  A little fun find and quite possibly one of the best Sancerre’s for the price I have tasted.  

Sancerre is a village located in the LoireValley, a favorite white of mine and probably one of the most famous white wines from France.  I was excited to try this one out.    

A straw color with a light sparkle of pale yellow honey.  This nice Sancerre has aromas of citrus and fresh herbs with hints of dewy fresh cut grass.   Immediately zesty on the palate, it has tastes of grapefruit, melon and kiwi.  Clean and sharp with a charming mineral finish.  A super pleasant white, reminiscent of drinking wine with my friends in London overlooking the Thames.   Ahh fun summer days!

I had some leftover Lo Mein and I have say it was a perfect pairing.  Not quite the Thames and Brit pals but definitely enjoyable.

My rating…