A bold Spanish red produced by the Telmo Rodriguez estate in Toro, which I first tasted a few weeks ago at a wine tasting.  I did quite a bit of wine tasting that night so found it difficult to write about any particular one J.  I decided this was one I wanted to try again and actually write about it.

“The Telmo Rodriguez estate in Toro is named after a Spanish breed of bull that is both elegant and powerful. The 19th century lower-case “g” typeface that appears on all the Toro wines is transformed, and modernized, by a bull horn. Along with a few other notable winemakers, Telmo was one of the first to rediscover vineyards of decades-old, bush-trained vineyards. He was a major force in elevating Toro to one of the most in vogue wine regions of Spain. The distinctive red soils produce a Tinto de Toro (the local clone of Tempranillo) with tremendous fruit concentration, ripeness, acidity, tannins and structure.  Dehesa Gago is the wine Telmo has used to discover and understand the vineyards of Toro, a pure wine that showcases the fruit.”

The Dehsa Gago Anada 2009 is a rich garnet color.  On the nose it has a sweet aroma spiced with coffee.  The first sip is slightly bitter but not unpleasant at all.  Flavors of ripe cherries and chocolate abound in this complex heady wine.  The finish is nice and continues its sweetness. 

A very nice wine to bring to friends house for dinner.  It will certainly impress. 

My rating…