WOW – I will probably not write anymore.  Oh right, I write reviews of things.  I better write about the “wow” factor of this wine.  Part of me wants to keep it a secret but because I am such a very nice person, I will share.

A Chilean wine from the Viña Errázuriz who have been making wines for more than 130 years.  With an elegant label that looks like it is handwritten in beautiful cursive text this wine pours with a deep, almost opaque ruby color. It looks like liquid mahogany.  The first aroma is of spicy bitter dark chocolate and black cherries that is quite intoxicating.  I took another smell, deeper this time and it brought memories of bonfires in England, of smoky cedar wood with a hint of cassis and fresh herbs.  On the palate the wine is smooth and biting at the same time.  Tastes of dark chocolate covered cherries abound in this full of flavor wine.  A finish that remains and tantalizes to the last taste.  This is a true curl up on the sofa type of wine.   I wouldn’t pair it with anything.  I would do these things… you, if you are lucky a loved one, the wine, a sofa, perhaps an open fire and some Adele playing in the background.  A perfect evening.

My rating…

4.5 Glasses