On a cold winter’s evening, wait a minute… on a very cold fall evening, one needs a nice glass of warming red wine.  This is a very well known fact, I promise!  For this particularly cold evening, I decided on a Cono Sur Cabernet, which I purchased during a recent trip through tax-free New Hampshire.  I now wish I had purchased more!

The Cono Sur Vineyard is a newcomer to the wine world.  The Vineyard was founded in 1993 “with the vision of producing premium, expressive and innovative wines conveying the spirit of the New World.”

This wonderful Chilean Cab has hues of deep, dark red wood upon pouring.  The initial aroma is very spicy with a kick of pepper, cloves and blackberries – quite intoxicating.   On the palate it is full-bodied, intense and bursting with dark berries and ripe plums – very rich for a young Cab.  Incredibly smooth and lingering sip after sip and quite indulgent with strong tannins.   

There is a pad-lock on the label, which after searching the net a little bit, I discovered that it means the grapes were so prized that the winemakers used padlocks to secure the cellars.  How much of that is true I am not sure but it’s a nice tale.

Another wonderful, affordable wine that goes superbly well with strong flavored cheese such as Brie.  I know, I tried and it was superb!

My rating…