After a long week of work, I met my friend Kathryn on Friday for drinks and a bite at the new Brahmin, which was the old 33 on Stanhope Street.  We have watched this area of Back Bay transform many times over the years so hopefully with the fun Red Lantern, amazing guacamole serving Zocalo and now The Brahmin, these new restaurants are here to stay.   

The second you walk into The Brahmin you get such a cool vibe from the place.  They have kept the same set up as 33, which makes sense as it worked well.  The lighting is low and candlelit with copper tones throughout the restaurant and the ceiling is stunning with wood slats that interlace throughout the whole upstairs.  A huge bar area with seating on one side and a combination of high-tops, low tables and lounge seating throughout the restaurant.  We sat down at one of the small chesterfield loveseats and were immediately greeted by the friendly staff.  We were told our little seating area was booked for 7.30pm but we could stay until then.  Fine by us as our plan was a quick drink and bite and then home after a busy work week.  At least that was the plan.

It was only 6pm but they had a DJ playing to the after work and early dinner crowd.  DJ Chris Roxx played amazing tunes that subtly rocked The Brahmin on Friday early evening.  He was playing my kind of tracks like as Tell it to my Heart, Ride on Time and Sweet Dreams; you just could not help but sing along.  I said to Kathryn “I swear if they play Pump up the Volume and I am standing on this table and dancing!”  Lucky for her that was probably the only song from that era he didn’t play while we were there.

We started our early Friday evening with some bubbly.  A Prosecco for Kathryn and Sparking Pinot Noir for me – a perfect start to the weekend. 

Yes, they are plastic glasses – we thought it
was a little odd


The menu had really fun choices like Tater Tots and Truffled Mac & Cheese.  Truffle seemed to a big player in this menu, which I am a big fan of.  Even better on this menu was the price list.  Tater Tots at just $6 and Mac & Cheese just $7.  We decided on a few items to share and more wine.

Of course, the Tater Tots and Mac & Cheese were a no brainer to us, they were on our dinner list.  We also added the Seasonal Tomato and Baby Mozzarella and Grilled Prawns with Chipotle Sauce.

As our plates came out the manager came over to tell we didn’t need to move, which was great as we were in the ideal people watching place. 

First up were the Tater Tots and the Tomato and Baby Mozzarella.  The Tater Tots were delivered with a selection of dipping sauces – grain mustard, garlic aioli, and truffled ketchup.  The tots were fantastic; crispy, light and fluffy.  Dipped into the truffled ketchup gave this wonderful childhood memory inducing food a modern treat. 

Tater Tots with a Trio of Sauces – $6


The Tomato and Baby Mozzarella was prettily presented and was fresh and simply tasty.

Seasonal Tomato & Baby Mozarella
Cold Press Oil, Smoked Sea Salt & Micro Greens – $7

The tunes were coming fast and we were singing along in between bites of tots and sips of Sancerre when our Truffled Mac & Cheese and Grilled Prawns were delivered to our table.

The prawns were deliciously spicy and good and just enough with three each.

Grilled Prawns with Chipotle Sauce – $8


I took one bite of the Mac & Cheese and thought “holy mother and all that is good and bad for you!”  It was so good with a creamy texture and just a hint of truffle and covered with crunchy breadcrumbs.  I could not stop eating it.

Truffled Mac & Cheese – $7


Brahmin definitely turns into the “in place” later in the evening with the short skirt, low cut top, lots of skin showing ladies and trendy, well dressed men.  They do also have a downstairs, which lends itself to a bit more of a club feel. 

Our own evening continued through to almost 10.00pm and was such a fun night out that ended our work week with a smile on our faces.  In fact, we were so impressed with this place we have decided to book it for our friend’s birthday next weekend. 

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