Although I do love to write and I do love it very much, I don’t consider myself very good at it.  I think I am a good story teller, usually a funny story and normally about some silly thing I did, but putting it down on paper has never been my strong suit.  When I write, I tend to write like I talk in a stream of consciousness, which I am sure you are picking up on right now.

My Life-Food-Wine blog where I ask people “to join me on my journey as I take one big gulp out of life, one small sip at a time!” is my little passion and it makes me very happy but I also want it to make you happy.   As you can see, I write a lot of restaurant reviews, recipes, life anecdotes and over the last few months I have been writing about wine.  I write about my single life, dining with friends, cooking for myself or groups and anything else that pops into my head.

I am now at a place where I know this is what I want to continue to do but I am also at a place where I think I have become boring – or, and this is even scarier to me, maybe it is because I have more readers and I am becoming more conscious of how I write not really what I write.  I want to be able to share with you how great a restaurant is without saying the word great, or how delicious a tuna tartare dish is without saying the word delicious.  So, with that said I am now enrolled with the Gotham Writing School and New York Times for a 12 week course focused on Food Writing and my first class (online) starts today and I am already intimidated :(. 

I have been so excited for months about this class and have annoyed Gotham for weeks with my emails on getting a head start and then today I was reading some of the profiles of my classmates and a lot of them have had featured articles, are in publishing, have degrees up the hiney and just seem better equipped for this class, so I now feel inferior.  I didn’t even fully understand what the ask was for my first assignment.  Well, I did understand it I just questioned myself so had to check with a few friends that I was on the right track.

I really hope I have made the right decision in doing this.  I know I have, I just have to get rid of my insecurities and forge ahead with something I love to do and want to be so much better at, and this class is the right start.  I hope!

Signed, Ms. Insecurity….