I recently found this lovely Sauvignon Blanc from the Emiliana Winery in Chile that I wanted to share with you.

The Emiliana Winery seems to have a very clear mission to only use “sustainable, organic, and biodynamic agricultural practices results in better-balanced, healthier, and more productive vineyards, which in turn results in better quality grapes and therefore better wines.  Our mission is to provide our consumers with the highest quality wines with a unique expression of terroir achieved through the benefits of using organic and biodynamic agriculture.  To meet this objective, we at Emiliana base our work on two essential principles: care for the environment and respect for our workers and community.”

Once I read “healthier” I was all about this wine J

The Eco Balance 2009 is a very pale hay color.  It has a clean aroma that gives off a shot of citrus and just picked green apples, you almost believe you are about to taste a sparkling wine.  On the palate it is sharp, clean and fresh and you get a mix of fruits from green apples to kiwi and lemon – it really is quite tantalizing.  The wine has a long finish that remains stingingly sharp on the tongue, but not in a bad way at all.  It’s nice to keep it on your tongue for a moment, however it can make you suck your cheeks in a little if it ruminates too much.   This wine remains consistently sharp and fresh taste after taste.  It’s quite fun to drink.

I think the Eco Balance tastes like an Indian summer that you never want to end.  Just lovely.

I enjoyed this wine with Orzo and Feta Salad and it was so good.  My friend mentioned fig and goat cheese to me and I thought that would be a fabulous partner to this wine as well.

My rating…