Once upon a time in a land far away there was a little girl who dreamed of one day marrying her Prince.  With her type-A personality, this dream was well planned out.  At 22 she would be engaged to her Prince.  At 24 she would get married.  At 26 they would celebrate the birth of their first child, a girl and at 28 the birth of her second child, a boy.  That was the plan in this idyllic fairy tale.

Life doesn’t always turn out as planned.  Along life’s journey there were many princes and white knights but no-one told her of evil queens, bad princes and dark knights and the frogs that never turn into a Prince after you kiss them.  That part of the tale she had to find out for herself.

A few young princelings came along during her early dating years but her first true and long time love was ruled by a wicked queen (his mother), who eventually worked her black magic against the naïve young woman.  The relationship was doomed from the beginning.

At 28 she was still single and as life continued, she moved onto pastures new and lands of amazing adventures, great friends and indulgences of travel, life, food and wine.  She very much liked this life.  Sadly, it was marred by black knights and bad princes and the occasional frog that refused to turn into a prince.

Not to be saddened by this, she moved on again to the great land of America where she soon found out that the search for her prince would still be a troublesome and a sometimes thwarted quest.  There were some good, but sadly more bad during her adventures to finding true love once again. What was wrong with this kingdom of Princes she thought?

What she hadn’t realized was the wonderful things happening to her everyday… a career where she could help people grow and succeed, an appreciation for living life to the fullest, a circle of long standing meaningful friendships, wonderful trips, a journey of amazing food and of course wine and not forgetting a loving family both at home in England and her family of friends in America.

Suddenly, she realized that her 40-something life was not so bad after all.  She could share everything she had learned on this journey through a thing called a Blog!  And so Life-Food-Wine was born one year ago today where this once naive (and sometimes still is) woman can ask people “to join me on my journey, as I take one big gulp out of life, one small sip at a time.  A journey of Life, Food and Wine.”

Happy Birthday to my Blog!
and…thank you, thank you to all my readers!