When I think of “High Tea” or Afternoon Tea, my mind automatically goes to The Four Seasons or The Ritz or even The Plaza, however on Sunday we tried something a little different with regards to the “Afternoon Tea.” 

I was looking to see if L’Espalier was doing Restaurant Week when I noticed an intriguing menu called Fantasy Tea The choices, all named after children’s stories looked fun and quite yummy.  I immediately forwarded the menu to Lauren with an email asking “shall we do this, can we, can we, pleeeeeeaaaase?” She said yes!  We booked a reservation for 2pm this past Sunday and our other friend, Erin joined us. 

Dressed up more than usual for a Sunday, we arrived at the newish L’Espalier, which is located in the stunning Mandarin Hotel.  Once we arrived we were seated towards the back in the Crystal Room at this “jacket preferred”, elegant and very sophisticated restaurant.  Everyone who greeted us was extremely polite and impeccably dressed from the host to wait staff to the restaurant managers.  I have to say L’Espalier is also a restaurant that makes you feel like you need to whisper a little bit and watch your mouth for any cuss words.  This was “High Tea” after all and one should be behave appropriately.  Water was served as we looked at the “Fantasy Tea” menu of three fun choices of…

Little Red Riding Hood – Canapés, Tea Sandwiches, Pastries, Petit Fours

Three Blind Mice – L’Espalier Cheese Tasting

Make Wayfor Ducklings – Petit Fours, Pastries

Giggling with excitement like a school girl, I could not think of what to choose.  In the end I wanted everything so I picked the “Little Red Riding Hood” with English Tea, Lauren picked the same but with Wild Mint Tea and Erin chose the “Three Blind Mice” with English Tea.  I was quite excited about what was to be served!

The first plate was the selection of tiny tea sandwiches – Lobster Salad on house-made pretzel roll, Egg Salad on brioche, Smoked Salmon, Ham and Cabot Clothbound Cheese.  The Lobster roll was outstanding – lightly dressed, fresh lobster in a salted pretzel roll.  Mouthwateringly good!

Tea Sandwiches


My favorite, the Lobster Salad Roll


Next was a selection of Petit Fours – I was already a little full but nothing was going to hold me back from a plate of heavenly indulgence – L’Espalier espresso cream swan, Coconut macaroons, Chocolate decadence cake and Panna cotta with blackberry foam.  My favorites – the espresso cream swan, maybe because it was shaped like a swan and the Panna cotta, just because it was perfect light and creamy.

Petit Fours


L’Espalier Espresso Cream Swan


Even more to come with the Cranberry Ginger Scones with butter and orange confit and an additional Panna Cotta.  

Scones & Panna Cotta


Lauren and I were extremely happy with our choices and of course very full.  Erin was in heaven with her cheese tastings and happily finished everything on the plate.  I did ask her if she liked it and she said… “Um did you see any left??”

L’Espalier Cheese Selection


Amazing, indulgent, fun, girlie “Fantasy Tea!”  What an absolutely delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 

We then left L’Espalier and went to see Cowboys & Aliens and eat popcorn – there is always room for popcorn!  What classy ladies we are J

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