After trying the Little Black Dress Pinot Noir the other night, I wanted my friend to also try it.  I sent Kathleen to our local store that has a very nice selection of reasonably priced wines for another bottle.  Unfortunately, they were all out but they did have a Cabernet, which I told Kathleen to buy immediately.  It was only $11 (very much in keeping with my budget right now) and I was excited to try another wine from the Little Black Dress collection!!

Apparently, Little Black Dress is geared towards the female palate.  Interesting right?  Do we have a different palate to men?  I can understand the label – which is playful and girlie, but not the palate.  I believe that there has been research done on this and it has been found, but not proven, that women do have a more sensitive palate.  Maybe that makes us better wine tasters?  I do know I am a good wine taster… okay fine, a good, very good wine drinker!

So, my sensitive palate tried the LBD Cabernet.  The aroma of this wine is rich with fruits of ripe cherry and blackberry with a suggestion of bitter, spiced chocolate.  On the palate it is very smooth and bold with a taste of mild burnt toast and spices.  A teasing wine, full of fruit flavors – quite enjoyable.  The LBD Cab does not linger on the palate and the finish is quick and fast, which of course beseeches you to sip more – which I happily did. 

I would like to say I enjoyed this fun wine with roasted duck breast, which I can imagine it would be perfect with, however, we (myself and Kathleen) enjoyed our LBD Cab with Chinese takeout.  It was still rather nice.

I think my preference is with the LBD Pinot Noir but I would definitely drink this casual, agreeable wine again… alone or with friends. 

My rating…