I have been trying a lot of fun, inexpensive wines lately.  I am doing my best to be on a bank diet and of course it forces me to try some new wines.  My latest is the Little Black Dress Pinot Noir 2009.

I have to say it truly was the label that drew me in. This does happen to me often with wines.  If I haven’t tried a wine before and it is not a familiar winery, I will sometimes pick the wine because I really like the label J

The Little Black Dress Pinot Noir has a fun black logo of a red dress hanger over a pair of red slinky high-healed shoes.  I assume the little black dress is supposed to be somewhere in the middle, hidden because of the black background.  Whatever it was, I love the design, I bought the wine.

This Pinot is really sharp on the nose, not offensive just sharp and quite spicy.  It has an intense dark berry aroma.  It did make my nose twitch a little.  I left it to rest for a minute and then had my first sip.  My initial thought was of sweet dark cherries about to turn and then prunes.  It was incredibly dry on the palate and very tannic with a bit of a bite.  Considering it is somewhat light-bodied, it has a nice long finish where the dryness just stays on the tongue.  A lovely new find.  I will be buying more!

My rating…