A night of home cooking and a glass or three of wine. 

I popped over to my local store and perused their little wine stock for something different, something that I had not tried before.  I decided on an 2009 Estancia Pinot Grigio.  Partly because of price and partly because it had a nice little rating from the store.

I am still funny about the screw tops, which in England are almost par-for-the-course these days.  While home in England recently, we purchased a few (or more) bottles of wine and I was always surprised when it ended up being a screw top.  I honestly do not think we had one cork in two weeks!

It’s really not the screw top that bothers me at all.  I think it is the fact that I really like the process of opening a bottle with a cork and that wonderful “pop” sound it makes and you anticipate what you are about to taste even more.    

The Estancia Pinot Grigo, a fabulously inexpensive bottle of wine, is an exquisite straw color with a slight color of weak tea, almost like a Lipton’s Ice Tea.  On the first nose it is full and bursting with fruits of pear and peach with a hint of citrus.  The palate brings an intoxicating sweetness of lively sweet apple and honey… almost syrupy sweet like a dessert wine.  Once it has opened up more there is a taste of spices, but still very full and heavy in taste.   The wine remains incredibly fragrant and full bodied throughout the evening.  The finish is long, sweet, luscious and a little sharp.

I paired this wine with the Pesto Chicken with Roman Artichokes over Linguine and it was a wonderful choice for the pesto and indeed linguine. 

This wine is a good buy for an every day glass or two.   A lovely choice for my evening in.    

My rating….