On Wednesday evening I met my friend, Kathleen over in the Seaport District.  A place I have been frequenting quite a lot lately.  I love the “vacation” feel of this little boardwalk of fun, fancy and casual restaurants.  Seafood, Steak, Italian, American, Mexican – it’s all there and in a grand way!  What are also there are lines, queues, lines and queues absolutely everywhere.  The place is a crazy zoo of locals, tourists and business folk.

I walked into Temazcal to meet Kathleen only to be met with about 10 people deep at the bar and no way to see if she was there or not.  I am only five feet tall!  I did find her eventually and we both decided that we could not wait two hours for a table or indeed 30 minutes just to get to the bar – it was a Wednesday for goodness sake!  We made a decision to go to Del Frisco’s.

Del Frisco’s, a steak restaurant and probably the most high-end of the restaurants on this little strip is located on Liberty Wharf upstairs from Jerry Remy’s.  As you walk up the grand staircase you are met with an enormous restaurant that offers all types of dining from the bar area, to more casual seating area to the very stylish dining room with cozy and large booths.  With three sides of floor to ceiling windows, the view is spectacular of the harbor and Boston skyline.

When we first walked into the restaurant, as big as it is, it was totally packed out.  We were lucky enough to grab two seats at the bar, which we made our home for the rest of the evening.  I have to say my brain was trying to insist it was a Wednesday night, but the vibe was telling me it was the weekend.  It was so odd.  I am not sure I have seen a place so busy mid-week.  This place is a people watching extravaganza!!!!  The crowd seems to be business folks, out-of-towners and locals and I have to say a very attractive crowd – especially the men folk.  Case in point, Dan!

So, before I talk about the appetizers, let me talk about Dan who was oh so cute.  Do you know those stare across a crowded room and moments when you wonder if someone is looking at you or behind you, then you realize there is no-one behind you so they must be staring at you.  It was one of those.  We made eye contact and little smiles for hours.  Even when he walked past me there was a lovely smile exchange.  Oh my goodness, I have a little crush.  I am going red just thinking about it.

When he finished his dinner he stopped by to chat.  Apparently, I cannot flirt, as has been pointed out to me since the day I first became interested in boys.  Kathleen, quite rightly told me I over-giggled and if my hair was long, it would have been tossed this way and that.  I did not care!  Sadly, Dan lives in NY but we still chatted for a while and he has my business card.  I was left in a happy haze just for the mere little fact that for a moment I had a crush.

Anyway, shall we talk food or more Dan?  Okay, let’s talk food.  We decided on just a few appetizers as we were both not very hungry.  After ordering a delicious Sauvignon Blanc for me and a Rosé  for Kathleen, we checked out the bar menu of fun bites and the more formal restaurant menu.  For you steak lovers, this is a restaurant you absolutely need to check out!  We decided on sharing the Chilled Shrimp Tasting and then I had the appetizer of Ahi Tuna Tartar while Kathleen picked the Iceberg Lettuce Wedge.

Chilled Shrimp Appetizer


Iceberg Wedge


The whole evening was more about the ambience and vibe of the place rather than focusing on our food.  Overall, everything was good.  The shrimp was tasty with a cocktail, spicy cream and garlic sauce.  My tuna was delicious with an eye-watering kick of spice and wasabi and plenty of toasted bread with balsamic and Kathleen’s wedge was good.  You can’t really go wrong with a wedge salad and anything with blue cheese and bacon is always good in my book.

Ahi Tuna Tartare


I am definitely going back to this swanky place, probably many more times to enjoy the fun atmosphere, amazing views and to sample other things on the menu.  This is one place going on my Hot Top 10!

Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steak House Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato