It feels like forever since my good friend, Rob and I have caught up.  I was so excited to be hanging out with him on Sunday and just catching up on the latest and greatest events in our lives!   Our day consisted of Brunch at one of our favorites, Union Bar & Grille, a walk around the SoWa Open Market and a lesson in “Tweeting.”  Yes I am now a “Tweeter!”  Please don’t judge me J

Walking into Union, Rob and I were bickering as we usually do when we are together.  Something about my terrible English accent and how two weeks at home have made me forget my consonants… something like that!  The wonderfully, friendly hosts, just waited patiently for us to finish and then with a smile and a “welcome to Union” they showed us to our table. 

I love brunch at Union.  Everyone is just nice and happy, exactly what you want on a Sunday morning.  Our waitress came over immediately to see if we wanted coffee… which of course we did.  They do a delicious brew!

After hearing the specials we immediately decided to share the Blueberry and Citrus Muffin (I think that is what is was?) while we thought a little more about what we wanted.  The muffin was moist, buttery, warm, tangy and absolutely delicious, especially with the strong coffee.  Cut in half and toasted a little and made perfect for sharing. 

Blueberry & Citrus Muffin


For my actual brunch I almost went for my usual of Eggs Bennie, I can be such a creature of habit, and then at the last minute I threw a curve ball much to Rob’s surprise and ordered the Mushroom & Goat Cheese Omelet and Rob picked his usual of Huevos Rancheros.

Mushroom & Goat Cheese Omelet
– roasted crimini mushrooms, melted leeks & parsley served with home-fries & toast


I have to say I was delighted with my choice.  Perfectly cooked omelet stuffed full with mushrooms, leeks and light, creamy Goat Cheese.  I loved the leeks in this dish, a very nice addition to an omelet.  A nice change from Eggs Bennie.  Rob as always was happy with his Huevos Rancheros. 

Huevos Rancheros
– crispy tostada with 2 eggs any style, black beans, cheddar cheese, home-fries & salsa ranchera



The wonderful thing about Union is that they just leave you to hang out and enjoy the company of your friends without feeling pressured to leave once you have finished your food.  Lots of coffee refills later, we were ready to go for our walk.

A great, very reasonably priced place to go for brunch.