I do love a good Chardonnay, I really do and what better than a 2008 Cakebread Cellars Chardonnay?  I bought a couple of bottles while in Napa… I know I am becoming a broken record of “this one time when I was in Napa”  Well anyway, when I was in Napa I bought a lot of wine, however, I was most excited about my Chardonnays and more specifically my Cakebread Chardonnay

I was saving them for a special occasion (it is a pricier bottle of wine at approx $38) and what better occasion than a Thursday night staying in alone watching my new favorite show, Frankin & Bash, and selfishly opening up a bottle and drinking a glass (or two) all to myself.  I am not ashamed. 

I could not contain my excitement and it was difficult to not just stick my nose right into the top of the bottle for that first aroma.  I did abstain.  Honestly, I did!

The wine is a wonderful light straw color that reminds you of early spring corn fields.  The aroma is so clean and fresh, it is hard to believe it is a Chardonnay that can sometimes have a pungent aroma.  Once it settles in the glass it has intricate aromas of ctrius, apricot and  honeydew melon.  In fact, so many different fruits, green apples, pears, popped into my head after every sip it was hard to keep up.  There is only a hint of buttery’ness and even less of a hint of oak, which for me is perfect for this wonderfully light yet full of complexity wine.  As the wine opens up more, the palate experiences so much more delicious, complex tastes of fruit that ends in a delightful, long finish.  You can tell I love, love, love this wine!  Big fan!  Enjoy on a special occasion or indeed a Thursday night in alone!

I paired this wine with Roasted Zucchini and Whole Wheat Pasta and it was fabulous.

My rating…

4.5 Glasses