The sad news is that I am almost coming to the end of the wines I bought while in Napa back in March.  My little wine rack has gone from overflowing to single bottles on each shelf.  It looks so sad.  I might need another trip or, and this one might be tougher… overturn the rules that do not allow wines to be shipped into Massachusetts!!!!  Log onto “”  if you agree!

Anyway, the good news is I was hurtled back to our fun trip to Napa and more specifically Sequoia Grove Sequoia was one of the funniest experiences we had on our trip as all the staff were drinking as much as the customers doing the tasting.  We met some wonderful characters who were very entertaining.  I love these types of boutique wineries that are so welcoming.

I opened a bottle of 2008 Sequoia Grove Carneros Chardonnay and what a lovely, rich wine this was.   As soon as I opened the bottle I got an aroma of fresh asparagus.  Once poured the wine has a deeper, more complex aroma of greens and a hint of melon – so fresh.  The initial taste was sweet, which was a bit of surprise… cantaloupe and sweet red apple, deliciously light and not heady like some Chardonnays with only a hint of oaky’ness.  It has a distinct sharpness with a creamy undertone almost like Crème Brule and it is slightly dry on the palate with a wonderful long finish.  This wine was just exquisite.

I made tuna and egg with a green salad for dinner and this was a delicious wine to pair with my dish. 

My rating…