As I got older and bigger and eventually grew up and out of my clothes, they became hand-me-downs to my sister and even occasionally my brother… poor thing.  Always a good thing with parents who needed to be on a budget.  Shame my brother had to wear dresses sometimes.  Just kidding… sorry Lee.

Being a woman of my age giving clothes away because I am growing out of them is not quite the same.  It is very bitter sweet… and I really don’t like at all.  Bitter, because, well I am growing out of them and sweet because they can look fabulous on my smaller friends.  

Last night my little teeny friend, Laurie, came over to go through a large pile of clothes I no longer wear for one reason or another, well actually one reason… they don’t really fit right anymore.  I have basically grown out of them. 

What on earth has this got to do with a wine review you ask?  Well, as Laurie was trying on my lovely dresses and I was ooo’ing and ahh’ing about how good she looked in my clothes, I suddenly needed wine. 

“Would you like to do a wine tasting?”  I asked Laurie and Kathleen who was hanging out in her favorite chair resting her broken foot.  They could tell it was very much needed by me and my “growing up/out” anxiety.  “Why yes” they said and then we opened a bottle of 2008 Miner Family, Gibson Ranch, Mendocino Sangiovese.

So, to review…

The Miner Sangiovese is dark plum in color and has initial aromas of smoky wood, prunes and sweet tea.  At first taste it’s a really potent wine that can take you aback, as it did with Kathleen, who didn’t love it at first.  Once it settles and opens up a little the taste blossoms with ripe berry fruits and flowers.  It has a wonderful hint of milk chocolate cake that is a bit spicy and full of flavor.  Too heavy for Kathleen, very enjoyable for Laurie and I was just happy to be drinking wine last night!

I actually did love this heavy, acidic wine with its spiciness and strong full taste.  There was no food pairing going on last night, however, I think it would be wonderful with a heavy pasta dish like tortellini or lasagna. 

At approximately $24.00 this is a good wine to drink with dinner if you are into a headier, heavier taste.  

My rating is…