A few weeks ago I received a very exciting email inviting me to a cocktail party.  What an absolute treat for me as it was at one of my new favorite places…  Sam’s at Louis (soon to be reopened in a different location) on the Waterfront.  So, before the 7th game of the Bruins vs. Canucks Sam’s was the place to be in my opinion.  In case you didn’t hear the Bruins won the Stanley Cup.

Of course, everything pointed to me having to go there on Wednesday… patio, sun, great drinks, amazing food and friends.  Need I say more?  Okay, I will say more. 

How fun I thought and can I invite some friends was my second thought?  The answer was yes.  Four names on the RSVP list please.

Myself, Kathleen, Laurie and Stacey donned our little dresses, except Kathleen who felt very loyal to the Bruins that night, and headed to the Patio.  A great selection of wines and a fun cocktail was on offer for drinks.

I started the evening with a glass of crisp white Verdicchio and joined my friends for some patio cocktails.  Oh how happy I was that the sun was shining.  It is being very elusive this Summer.  It just makes everyone happy and all you see are smiles and people seemingly having a good time.  Sam’s patio definitely lends itself to a happy time with fun views and fresh ocean air.

The crowd seemed to be a collection of foodies and food writers/bloggers and friends of Sam’s.  I knew a few people from a couple of Mystery Meets so did a little bit of networking.  I met some great people who write really fun and cool Blogs.  Angela of cloudofchaos.com, Christine of The Discreet Hedonist and Lingbo of Saucedmedia.com I felt very humbled in the presence of these wonderful bloggers and writers.

The food started to come out and man were we I for a treat.  Date and Pistachio crusted Lamb Chops, little Lobster BLT Crackers and Jalapeno Crab Rangoon to name a few. 

I loved everything, but if I was really pushed I would have to say the Lamb Chops were incredible… succulent and heavenly and begging me to eat more, delicious… and I did eat more.  They were what meat dreams are made of!

The incredible lamb chops!


The Crab Rangoon’s seemed simple and tasty and then you are introduced to a wonderful and seriously hot kick of Jalapeno.  We were following one of the waiters around the patio for more.  They are on the menu and you must try them.  Definitely a nice twist on your Chinese Takeout Rangoon. 

Crab Rangoon


Now the Lobster was meaty with a little strip of salty bacon on a crisp cracker that you could just pop in your mouth whole and frantically look around for more because one is just not enough!

Lobster BLT


What a fun time for me and my friends.  I will be back!!!



Laurie, Stacey & Kathleen


Me and Kathleen – go Bruins!



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