There are those nights that you do not plan, or you wish you had planned, at least for a non-school night, that end up memorable and oh so fun and bad.  For me it was this past Sunday. After a lovely, low key brunch with Barbara at Sonsie I connected with Marcella on perhaps doing an early dinner.  My plan was to meet around 6pm, be done by about 8.30pm, in bed for 9.30pm and up early and refreshed for a Monday morning workout.  Oh how wrong could I have been!

I decided to walk to the Seaport District in my “Easytones” for a little exercise and bottom toning prior to dinner.  Don’t worry; I had my cute little shoes in my bag. 

I met Marcella and we decided on a glass of wine at Temazacal prior to making any decisions on dinner.  Our bartender gave me a very healthy pour of Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc, which I was still remembering the taste of from Friday evening and was excited to see on the menu.  Marcella went with a fun cocktail.  I have to say I was a little tiddly after just one glass of wine.  Food was definitely in order.

I wanted to try the new Legal Harborside next door.  Now, if I am honest, although Legal’s is really good, I tend to save it for when friends from out of town come in to visit as I think of it as a more touristy restaurant.  Well, the new Legal’s might be touristy but it is a very cool and trendy sight to behold.  They have two different levels.  The main restaurant level is huge and kind of overwhelming.  They have an enormous bar area that surrounds the kitchens.   A large restaurant area that overlooks the water… gorgeous on a nice evening with glass doors/windows that completely opens up to the boardwalk.  Up a few steps and there is a round bar, which is where we decided to sit down.  Upstairs they have a more formal dining area with a different menu and quite an impressive price point of about $30-48 for an entrée… definitely a treat night or a work-paid dinner.  I didn’t get a chance to look upstairs.  Our menu pricing was more palatable for an early Sunday evening dinner. 

We sat down and ordered a reasonably priced Ken Forrester, Chenin Blanc.  Nice, simple, a little sweet and I knew it would be delicious with Oysters, which was my next plan of action.   They had a superb selection of oysters to choose from and quite a few I had not tried before.  We decided on the Wellfleet – briny and tasted like the Atlantic Ocean, Naked Cowboy – meaty and fresh, Kunimoto – sweet and fishy – my favorite and finally, French Kiss – very buttery and creamy and almost like mussels.  Great choices.  Obviously, not enough food for me but I was trying to be good, especially after my Eggs Benedict earlier in the day. 

Clockwise from the lemon… Kunimoto, Wellfleet,
Naked Cowboy & French Kiss

For my main I opted for the The Big Bowl Salad with Grilled Shrimp – mixed greens, chickpeas, tomatoes, croutons, olives, pecorino.  Although fresh and absolutely crispy delicious it was really not enough food for the amount of wine I drank!   Marcella on the other hand had absolutely the right idea and opted for ½ Pound Niman Ranch Burger, which she devoured and seemed to thoroughly enjoy! 

The Big Bowl with Grilled Shrimp


Niman Ranch Burger


Onto another glass of wine… wow, they were heavy pours.  Three glasses and I was feeling very good about my Sunday evening.  Having such a good time, we wanted to hang out even longer so we asked our lovely bartender if we could share a glass of wine.  Why oh why did I think that was a good idea?  The bartender said of course you can share one and then proceeded to give us both an almost full glass of wine again.

Time to go home!  But, not before we took some fun photos on the boardwalk.  It was not 8.30pm by the way.  I did not get up to go to the gym and I suffered all day because I am not 20 years old anymore!  But, what a fun night it was.  Sometimes these are just the best nights even if you suffer a little in the morning.

A Funday Sunday!!!!


Fun people watching, friendly staff and great food.  A bit of a thumbs up for another new restaurant at Liberty Wharf.  I love this area!

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