cakebreadOne of my favorite wineries in Napa is Cakebread It’s not just that they produce amazing wines, they build relationships.  Everyone that works there is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful.  I know this goes with the territory of selling wines but the Cakebread folks seem to take it a little step further. 

I am now on their email list and love my monthly emails with recipes that they send.  It’s more than just about the wine and I, for one, feel like I am part of their extended, very large wine family.  I just wish MA would change the rules of allowing wines to be shipped to the State… that way I could not only be on their mailing list, but on their shipping list as well!

After a long and busy work week, I decided to go for a workout and then home for a night in of TV viewing and to open another bottle of wine from my little collection I have from my trip to Napa.  It is amazing how I can get excited these days about doing absolutely nothing and not feel guilty about it at all. 

Last night, Kathleen and her broken foot came over to join me in a little TV viewing and a catch up on the week.  For our drinking pleasure I chose a 2008 Cakebread Sauvignon Blanc.  

The Sauvignon Blanc is very pale gold, almost completely transparent in color.  The first nose is sharp and a little offensive, a bit like cat pee that had dried out.  Sounds awful right?  Just give it a minute and it settles into an aroma of gooseberry tart and granny smith apples.  On the palate it is again quite sharp and tart initially and then becomes a little smoother and quite mouth-watering with flinty, mineral tones.   The wine is full-bodied and opens up into a plethora of fruits from melon to passion fruit and lemon and lime.  It has a wonderfully long and gratifying finish.

This is a spirited wine that should be enjoyed with friends and laughter and perhaps a light, fresh pasta dinner.      

At $29.99 this wine is worth every penny. 

My rating…