I was watching a new episode of Law & Order Criminal Intent last night and was just amazed at what people with money will do.  This particular episode was about a wine collector who was murdered – blah blah.  Anyway, he had a tasting for a very exclusive crowd to taste a $350,000 bottle of wine!  Is that not the craziest thing you have ever heard?  I do get the investment part of buying wines because they are worth so much money, but I am not sure I could every drink a bottle of wine supposedly worth that much and truly enjoy it.  Could you?

So, let’s talk about a bottle of wine worth $30.00 instead :). 

The 2008 Sequoia Grove, Stagecoach Vineyard Syrah is a wine that is begging to be opened, but not to be drunk immediately. Try and hold off a little. It really does have to open up.  The first nose is of spicy coffee and dark berries with a hint of tea leaves.  On the palate it is silky smooth with a taste of black cherries and chocolate.  After a while you get a tobacco aroma with additional spice on the finish.  This is a delicious, decadent and amazingly enjoyable wine and would be perfect to bring to a dinner party as a nice gift to impress the host.  It was difficult not to have a second glass but I restrained myself and will enjoy another glass tonight.  I can only imagine it will taste even better!

I paired this wine with the leftover Spicy Lamb Bolognese from POPS (now closed) and it was perfect.  I would also try with barbeque. 

This wine is a littler pricier but worth it.

My rating…