Let me start by saying “We love Tom!”  Who is Tom?  No, he is not some new boyfriend or anything like that…  trust me I would have told you!  He is the husband of my good friend Kady who decided to surprise his wife with a getaway weekend with her two friends.  I was luckily one of the friends as well as Marcy, another good friend of Kady’s.  Again… “we love you Tom!”  What an amazing gift for all of us and especially for his wife.  Who wouldn’t want a husband like that?

Cramwell Resort & Spa

Our weekend started on Saturday morning with the trip to the Berkshires.  The scary part of this for me was it was exactly the trip I made in the wrong direction for 200 miles when I was trying to find my way to Maine last week.  I still feel the pain and the embarrassment of taking almost nine hours to get to a place just four hours away.

Our plan was to eat, hike, relax, maybe a bit of shopping, dinner, sleep, spa and perhaps a workout thrown in somewhere, oh and a sneaky glass of vino.  Things did not go quite to plan. Only slightly off plan.

After checking in at the gorgeous Cramwell Resort nestled in 380 acres of Berkshires countryside, we decided to go for lunch at Sloan’s Tavern overlooking the golf course.  Sitting outside was glorious and we were already feeling like lucky ladies who lunch.  We are not ladies who pick at junior salads though!  We ordered a very unhealthy, huge plate of nachos followed by three healthy salads and a glass of wine.   We were ready for what was next.

Deciding to do the hike later, we drove over to Lee Outlet Malls for a little look around.  Seven hours later, woops, we had many bags in hand and it was close to 8.00pm!  No hiking, however, we felt we had hiked all over the Outlets!  Good enough for me.

Outlet Shopping

Back to the hotel and ready for dinner at 9.00pm.  We stayed at the resort and had dinner at the wonderfully, elegant Wyndhurst Restaurant.  It was so quiet and romantic, we felt like we needed to whisper throughout our whole dinner.  Dinner was delicious.  A veritable feast of mushroom tartlet followed by roasted salmon and ending with apple pie and homemade ice cream.  Along with an amazing bottle of Chateauneuf du Pape, I could not have been more content (and full).

The next morning I woke up to find Kady and Marcy going for a workout.  I felt guilty for about five seconds, turned over and went back to sleep for another hour.

Next was our spa treatments.  I opted for a facial – AWESOME.  Except for the very painful extractions… why do they do that?  It makes me feel like I don’t look after my skin, when in fact I do.  Anyway, my skin felt all glowy and smooth.  The girls selected massages and both agreed they were tremendous!  What a fantastic way to end an in indulgent weekend!

The “Girlfriend Getaway” at Cramwell is definitely a fun thing to do with some friends if you want to indulge a little.  We have decided to make this an annual getaway for the three of us.  Maybe next time we will hike a little.