While I was in Maine this past weekend, I popped into a local Deli to have a look around.  What I found was a wonderfully friendly store owner who was really excited to discuss his wine collection.  He claims to have approximately 200 unique and unusual wines in his little store and most of the wines came from recommendations rather than his expertise and knowledge.    

Even though he claimed to be no expert, he was raving about his “Wine of the Month” which was the 2010 Zolo Malbec at just $9.99.  The Zolo Malbec is from the Mendoza region of Argentina and I have to say I do like a glass of this wonderfully, intense wine every now and again.  His excitement was so infectious that I decided to buy a bottle to try.  

The Zolo Malbec is a deep dark purple color.  The first nose is of soil and dirt, very earthy with distinct dark berry aromas.  The first taste is chock full of plumminess.  It has a really big flavor and the dryness almost makes you suck your cheeks in.  After the wine has opened up a little it’s really juicy and full with a long, generous finish that’s quite syrupy sweet.  I really did like this wine. 

A fun find at a super price!  If you like juicy full wines, this is a good one!

My rating is…