At least that is the question for today.  I have avoided the Kindle for a few years now.  Mainly because I am lover of books.  I like reading books, I like sharing books with friends and I like seeing books on my book shelf that I have read.  They make me feel accomplished.  Of course, there are some books that I would rather not stand next to, such as Milan Kundera’s “The Unbearable Likeness of Being“, that make me feel less accomplished, but I love them anyway, such as my Twilight Saga and The Hunger Games Trilogy, but I digress.  I just love books.   

Of late, well at least in the last year, my Book Club books have been hardback and I swear some are bigger and heavier than “war and peace”!  They weigh my bag down, they are cumbersome, they are awkward when you are sat on the bus going to work… but… they look so nice when I have finished them and they have been placed neatly on my book shelves.   

Getting a kindle would be the end of this and I am just not sure what to do?  Technology has taken over so many parts of my life that I have denied the existence of things until I can no longer deny them.  I remember absolutely not giving in to buying a cell phone and thought that people who had one were ego maniacs.  I didn’t want a computer at first because I loved my old typewriter – yes I am that old!  I refused to go onto Facebook only to find out my friends all knew about things that were going on or would say “I loved that photo” and I would have no idea what they were talking about.  They would just say “oh it was on Facebook.”  I succumbed to every one of them!

The convenience of a kindle makes total sense, especially when I travel and of course to and from work, when I read the most, however, I cannot imagine sitting in bed before I go to sleep reading a Kindle, or, lying on the beach not turning the pages of a book.  It’s just not right… is it? 

To be honest I also feel guilty at the thought of not buying books.  Is this the demise of the book publishing industry altogether?  I know they can still make money by doing the on-line books to Kindles and other devices, but what will happen to our little bookstores, most of them have gone already, or even our giants such as Barnes & Noble?  This is a very difficult decision to make and I am not sure I am ready, however, and again I am tormented… our next book club book is a giant of a hardback.  Do I really want do that again?

Do you love your Kindle?