In my continuing effort, and what a difficult effort it has been, to enjoy the fabulous wines I bought in Napa in March, I decided to open another bottle from my small Elisabeth Spencer collection.  This time it was the Chenin Blanc 2008. 

I remembered tasting this wine and loving it so much I bought a few bottles… I wish I had purchased more!  I was excited to open a bottle and share with friends.  Well, I really wanted the whole bottle to myself, but sharing felt like the right thing to do 🙂.  I am such a good person!

The Chenin Blanc is a light, pale color with a hint of gold in a certain light.  The bouquet is light and delicate with a flowery Summer aroma.  There is also a suggestion of peach and citrus with perhaps pear.  At first the Chenin is full and rich and very bold for a Chenin, then the flavors of pears completely burst out and you are left with a soft pear and citrus tang that just remains and is quite exciting.  The finish is lasting and long and stays on the tongue continuing with clean, fresh citrus flavors.  I would enjoy this wine very much with Salmon!

This wine is thoroughly and utterly delightful and perfect for the Summer!!!  Although what Summer?  This wine will make you believe it’s Summer – how about that J

My rating…