I have tried on many many occasions to dine at Coppa and have only successfully managed it three times.  The main reason is that the restaurant is very small with tiny tables and they did not take reservations until just recently.  The line was always crazy to wait for a table.  In the past, I have always sat at the bar of this lovely little Enoteca and enjoyed small bites and a glass of wine with friends.

On thinking about where to eat the other night with Lauren and Erin, I really did want something different and suddenly Coppa popped into my head.  It was a gray, rainy Monday evening so I figured we were pretty safe with being able to get a table without a wait.  I did try and call to make a reservation but unfortunately they do not take reservations after 5.30pm.  We thought we would chance it anyway.

Coppa is a little restaurant in the South End managed by famed Boston Chefs, Ken Orringer and Jamie Bissonnette.  The restaurant is intimate, but loud.  It could be a fun date place if you don’t mind the person sitting next to you hearing your whole conversation.  The décor is simple with a long bar, which seats about eight people and lots of small square tables very close to each other that look into the small kitchen or out to Shawmut Street.  In the summer they do have some seating outside.  It features lots of small plates to share and absolutely wonderful handmade pastas, which you can order in small or larger portions.  They also have a terrific, very reasonably priced wine list.

We were seated at one of the tiny tables, all of three us, which was a little too cozy but we made the most of it.  The place wasn’t too packed when we arrived but by the time we left there were no tables or bar seats left.  We were very close to the couple on a date next to us. 

After ordering a bottle of $30 Soave Classico, which was crisp and tangy, I knew at least one thing on the menu that I was insistent upon getting.  We started with the English Peas & Ricotta Cheese on Crostini.  This little dish is so fresh and tasty; it is like starting with a pea cheesecake dessert.  I love it.  We then ordered lots of other small plates to share.  Let me just say that everything was good and some things were fantastic. 

English Pea & Ricotta Cheese on Crostini


When you order things just come out as they are made, which can be a little tough when you have three people around a table that barely fits one person.  Not to worry we moved things around and surprisingly, nothing was knocked off the table.  We ordered the Arancini, which was cheesy and sticky and really very nice… nothing too overwhelming but good.  The Funghi Marinati… now these were awesome for something so simple.  They were so good we could have ordered two or three plates of them.  Finally, we enjoyed the Tuna Crudo.  This was recommended to us by our waiter and it was a great choice.  Melt in your mouth tuna that again one little plate just didn’t seem enough.

Arancini / Traditional fried risotto balls with fontina


Funghi Marinati / Marinated mushrooms with Eva’s herbs


Tuna Crudo / Charred onions, radish and fermented black beans


Next we were onto the pasta dishes.  Cavatelli di Pollo…  oh boy, this was good.  Thank goodness we ordered a small portion otherwise I would have eaten the whole plate and more.  The sausage was delicious and the pasta was perfectly al dente.  We also ordered the Linguine e Astice.  I liked this dish but it wasn’t my favorite of the night.  It didn’t stop me eating or enjoying it nevertheless.

Cavatelli di Pollo / House made pasta with chicken sausage and slow cooked broccoli


Linguine e Astice / House made black pepper linguine with lobster, black garlic and tomatoes


The girls ended the evening with a Bread Pudding and I had the Chocolate Gelato, which was delicious.  A big meal for a Monday night! 

Coppa is such a fun place and now, thankfully, they take reservations.  Go with a group of girls, some friends on a date.

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